Nick Grimshaw's been 'hit on' by more than one of Attitude's Bachelor of the Year nominees

Attitude's Bachelors of the Year event is almost upon us and the list isn't being revealed until the big night on Thursday. BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw and his pals at his Breakfast Show have had a sneak peak though, and they made a cheeky revelation this morning (April 25). Inbetween chatting with guest Mel Giedroyc, Nick and his producer Fiona Hanlon took a look at the list of bachelors to see if they were familiar with any of the names. Fiona teased: "You can't say the names as it's not been announced yet, but there's a few on this list that have tried it on with you!" "That one's been on the show! That one's definitely into you. Isn't that one a magician?" Nick then interrupted, adding: "And that one won't leave me alone!" SO JUICY. We wonder who it could be? You'll have to wait till the list is announced on Thursday to make your guesses. The new issue of Attitude includes our Bachelors of the Year supplement, which lists 100 of the hottest, most successful single men out there. The list - inn association with Blued - includes businessmen, celebrities, sports stars, activists and politicians from all over the world. The list of 100 is being kept tightly under wraps, with the winner being announced at our #AttitudeBachelors party on Thursday (April 27), and the full list available in the new issue of Attitude – in stores and available for download on Friday. Earlier this week, before the launch of our list, we took a look at some of the gay men we wish could have been on the list - check them out here. More stories: 10 taken guys we wish were bachelors Commentator can’t stop complimenting pro tennis player’s bum during match