Nick Grimshaw says he never felt the need to come out

In an interview with Radio Times, X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw revealed that he’s never felt the necessity to publicly disclose his sexual orientation, which he’s been comfortable with since he was young. topman_824483548240010 “I never felt as an adult that I even had to come out,” he said. “I only feel like you’re coming out if you’ve been married, or pretended you were straight. “I never had any false thoughts in my brain. There were no bulletins to be delivered because it was all I ever knew.” Grimmy - who's set to host Radio 1's Teen Awards this weekend - also talked about celeb role models for today’s young’uns. “Fame is a tricky one,” he said “If you’re Amy Winehouse and famous for writing great songs, that’s great but it blows my mind that so many people engage with someone like Kim Kardashian. She’s got nothing to say, no opinions on anything. I’d hate teenagers to think that’s the way to be happy because it’s not – it’s fake.”   [embed]https://instagram.com/p/9K_hZWvJ2V/[/embed] Quite surprisingly, Nick counts Miley Cyrus as someone to look up to. “For all the rolling around in her knickers, she actually has a conscience and founded her own charity for transgender youth,” he explained. “When she hosted the MTV Video Music Awards this year she got all the kids to come on and speak. Just putting transgender teens on TV to middle America is very powerful.” Also on his list is 'Hello' hitmaker Adele: “She’s 100 per cent into being herself. I think that’s something quite heroic – to be cool with yourself,” he said. More stories: Watch: Andy Cohen reveals whether he’s ever hooked up with Anderosn Cooper Win £500 worth of store credit at MR PORTER