New study finds that hot guys are more selfish

A new study has found that attractive men are more selfish. Researchers at London's Brunel University tested the theory that good-looking people have "more to gain" from inequality because they stereotypically have a higher social status than those perceived to be less attractive than them. Hot guy The study rated 125 males and females on their conventional attractiveness level, which included things such as their weight and muscle size. The participants then completed a personality questionnaire that aimed to discover their attitude toward selfishness and inequality and took part in a second survey where they were asked to decide how much money they would share with another person. The participants of the survey were then judged by a group of raters for attractiveness, while a second group judged how altruistic and egalitarian the participants looked from their photos. “We found that the ‘raters’ perceived better-looking men and women as being less altruistic and egalitarian,” said lead researcher Dr Michael Price.  “Our results showed that we may be justified in expecting more attractive men to behave in ways that are less favorable to economic and social equality." “Several studies have suggested that wealthier people tend to care less about kindness and equality. But our study suggests that attractiveness is at least as important as wealth in influencing these attitudes," he added. More stories: Read Paul Bettany’s amazing response to homophobic troll Rugby brothers back homophobia in sport study