New research suggests gay men are most likely to struggle with poor sleeping habits

We feel very attacked


New research has found that gay men find it harder to fall asleep than straight men.

A study, carried out over a period of two years, compared the sleep habits of 100,000 people with the National Sleep Foundation's report that states a healthy adult should get between seven and nine hours sleep every day.

Published in Sleep Health, the research discovered that LGBT+ people in general have more trouble achieving optimum sleep than heterosexual people do.

In fact, gay men specifically had markedly more trouble falling asleep than any other group.

Interestingly, the study also found that gay men are most likely to use medication in a bid to help them have a good nights sleep.

Researchers suggested that the increased likelihood of smoking and mental health issues among LGBT+ people was likely to have contributed to their poorer sleeping habits as a whole, and added that the results could "provide an understanding of how to assist in improving overall health among sexual minority groups.”

Poor sleeping habits have been linked to weight gain, poor health and depression, reports NewNowNext.