New obstacle line-up set for Tough Mudder 2016

If you’ve always been curious about participating in a Tough Mudder obstacle course but have never bit the bullet, then 2016 could be the year to don the sweatbands and jump right into the… mud. The popular team-focused obstacle course has carved out its name across the globe for its challenges that test physical strength and mental grit, and this year’s obstacle debut of The Block Ness Monster is being hailed as the most hotly-anticipated in the company’s six year history. tm1 In the challenge, participants must work together to hoist each other over a series of rotating blocks in waist-deep water. During its testing phase, the Block Ness Monster scored the highest participant rating of any obstacle in Tough Mudder history, and has since been added to all seven UK Tough Mudder events over 2016. With over two million people taking part in Tough Mudder from all corners of the globe to date, the return of performance finisher t-shirts, new perks for returning participants will continue stoking the fire that is the Tough Mudder torch. tm2 The company is reportedly also welcoming hundreds of thousands of first timers into the fold, through its new #ItsAllBeenTraining campaign, and the launch of new event series Tough Mudder Half. “Millions of people from across the planet have taken the Tough Mudder pledge for a reason – they know that the most difficult obstacles in life are best overcome together,” said Will Dean, CEO and Founder of Tough Mudder. “As politics become more and more divisive, as technology makes social interactions more frequent but less meaningful, we are seeing a clear counter-movement. “People of all backgrounds joining together to return to their roots, commit to self-improvement, and forge connections rather than divisions.” You can check out just what's in store in a Tough Mudder teaser video below: More stories: 5SOS’s Ashton calls out photoshopping of naked Rolling Stone shoot Interview | Hollyoaks’ Parry Glasspool talks streamy love scenes, gay fans and age gaps