New adorable Uber advert features a gay man riding with his crush

Cab company Uber has unveiled a new gay friendly advert. The inventive commercial is based on a series of real tweets made by a Twitter user who realised they were riding in an UberPOOL with their longtime crush. We've all been there, right? While at first it looks like he's riding in the car with a woman, a surprising reveal at the end shows that his crush is actually another man. The advert, which was unveiled this week in the Philippines, features subtitles so everyone around the world can enjoy it. Uber's advert follows in the footsteps of Coca Cola's recent commercial, which sees a hunky pool boy inspire thirst in a brother-sister duo, who both race to impress him with a refreshing Coca-Cola. Watch Uber's advertisement in full below: More stories: Guardians of the Galaxy to feature an LGBT+ character? Gay men in Chechnya give harrowing accounts of abuse – WATCH