Netflix's sexually-progressive high school drama 'Elite' to return sooner than we thought

The show is returning much sooner than expected!


Words: Steve Brown

The release date of Netlix's hit Elite has been revealed and it's coming back much sooner than we expected.

Last year, fans of the sexually-progressive high school drama were excited to find out that the show had been renewed for a third season and now Netflix have revealed when it will be returning on the streaming site.

Unlike the past two season which aired in autumn, the third instalment is coming back in March 2020.

See What's Next tweeted - which was retweeted by the official Netflix account: "#Elite Season 3 premieres March 2020"

Following the cliffhanger ending of season two where Marina's killer was discovered, it seems the third season is going to tackle that ending and we cannot wait to see what happens next!

Elite drew praise upon its debut for its progressive portrayal of topics like sexual fluidity, open relationships, class, faith and living with HIV: issues which were coupled with a level of glossy, ridiculous rich kid drama not seen since the golden days of Gossip Girl.

The Twitter account also announced The Witcher will be back for a second season - meaning more moody, pensive, sexy Henry Cavill.