Netflix's 'Elite' renewed for season three

The Spanish teen drama's future is assured ahead of the season two premiere on 6 September.


Elite season two might still be a week away from arriving on Netflix, but the Spanish teen drama has already been renewed for a third outing.

Fans of the sexually-progressive high school drama will be able to enjoy the latest episodes safe in the knowledge that the show will be back in 2020 for season three, Variety reports.

Elite drew praise upon its debut last year for its progressive portrayal of topics like sexual fluidity, open relationships, class, faith and living with HIV: issues which were coupled with a level of glossy, ridiculous rich kid drama not seen since the golden days of Gossip Girl.

Of course, just because the show will be back next year doesn't mean all its cast of impossibly hot young things will be be: given the murderous events of season one and the fact season two will focus on a missing person mystery, it's anyone's guess as to who might be bumped off next.

Of course, if it's either half of our favourite couple Ander (Arón Piper) and Omar (Omar Shana), aka 'Omander', we riot at dawn...

Elite season two lands on Netflix on 6 September. Check out the trailer below: