Neil Patrick Harris: 'You can see my penis in 'Gone Girl' too'

HarrisNeil Patrick Harris has revealed that Ben Affleck isn't the only one to bare all in hit thriller Gone Girl. The big screen adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s acclaimed 2012 novel sees Affleck take on the role of Nick Dunne, whose wife Amy (played by Rosamund Pike) goes missing under suspicious circumstances on the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary. Harris has a supporting role as Desi, Amy's ex-boyfriend. One already infamous scene sees Affleck strip down to his birthday suit – and now Harris has confirmed that he too has a full-frontal scene in the film. When asked if cinema-goers can see everything in the scene, Harris told The Daily Beast: "Apparently you can, yes. Had I been able to film my scene in a nice steamy, warm shower, perhaps there would've been more to talk about." "But in my particular circumstance there was a lot of blood flowing… elsewhere," he added, which will make sense to those who have already seen the film. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck's wife, Jennifer Garner, has joked that she hopes her husband's full-frontal scene was filmed with a "wide lens" – read her full comments on the scene here.