Neil Patrick Harris on coming out: "No one seemed that bothered"

Neil Patrick Harris has said that the “nonplussed” reaction to his coming out allowed him to continue with his career. The actor, who starred as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother, spoke to The Telegraph ahead of hosting the Oscars in Los Angeles tonight (February 22). 936full-neil-patrick-harris “It was a non-issue to me,” he recalled of his decision to publicly address his sexuality. “But circumstances forced an acknowledgement, which I gave, and the public seems pretty nonplussed by it and I was able to just keep moving on. “It certainly wasn’t a move I made intentionally to accomplish any goal. It was an explanation and a clarification for anyone that was concerned about my bedfellows.” He added: “But I was appreciative it happened at a time when no one seemed that bothered.” The father-of-two has previously described coming out as a very “indivudal” process, and told the newspaper that he does not “feel comfortable speaking about it in a way that is declarative”. More Stories:

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