Nearly 40 per cent of American adults are 'strongly opposed' to a gay James Bond

The 007 movies have stuck to the traditional format of a heterosexual superspy


To sum up a James Bond film... Bond saves woman, Bond sleeps with woman, Bond is hero.

Although the breakdown is simplistic, can we all agree that this is the same stagnant, overdone narrative in the history of one of the longest running franchises to exist?

Well, it appears that the formula is not going to change in the near future.

According to a new survey by The Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult, nearly 800 American adults  said they are 'strongly opposed' to the idea of introducing a gay James Bond.

The results of the survey – which asked 2,201 American adults – found that more people are opposed to changing the iconic 007 agent from the traditional heterosexual interpretation to a gay one than to make him American, Asian or a woman.

According to results, 793 (38 per cent) people said they were ‘strongly opposed’ to the idea of making the character LGBT and just 314 ‘strongly agreed’.

Around 13 and 14 per cent of people said they would ‘somewhat support’ and ‘somewhat oppose’ the change to the character – who has the same heterosexual identity for the 23 film-year history.

Overall, 51 percent of people said Bond should never change, against just 34 percent who wanted to see a more diverse cast in future instalments.

Although it seems that the majority of Americans would detest seeing a gay James Bond, various celebrities have said they would welcome the change to the character.

When asked whether Dominic Cooper could ever see a time where James Bond was portrayed as gay, the Mamma Mia star told Attitude's August issue: "I hope so. It would be excellent.

"Why not. Why on Earth not?"

Well, we hope the team behind the Bond franchise