National Coming Out Day 2018: Celebrating the coming out stories of the LGBT community

Today (October 11) marks the annual day of celebrating love amongst the LGBT community


Today (October 11) marks National Coming Out Day - a day to celebrate people being who they really are.

Coming out is a hard part of any LGBT+ person’s life and one which, sadly for some, does not always end up having the positive reaction they hoped for.

As time change and people become more accepting, we can only hope that everyone will be accepted for who they are who they love.

One of our readers told us: “I was making a toast at a friend’s 21st and someone I had told separately said across the table “just come out”.

“So, I did. I announced I was gay, slammed my wine glass down, which broke, and then stormed off because #drama”

Another Attitude reader said they came out while their parents were going through a rough divorce.

They said: “My mam + dad were going through a rough divorse my dad somewhat new and told my mam in a heated argument.

“That night I got home after a few drinks and my mam was sat crying asking me if it was true, which I told her yes.

“Probably not how I wanted 2 come out #NationalComingOutDay”

Last weekend, Big Brother contestant Cameron Cole came out on national TV and the rest of the housemates responded the way everyone should, with kindness and love.