'My ovaries exploded' - Cody Fern reveals how he felt working with Jessica Lange on 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse'

The actress returned to the hit Ryan Murphy show after leaving the franchise after season four


Words: Steve Brown

Cody Fern said his “ovaries exploded” when he worked with Jessica Lange in American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

The actor played Michael Langdon aka the Anti-Christ in the eighth season of Ryan Murphy’s hit anthology and despite the season already over in the States, UK audiences are still witnessing the destruction caused by the character.

For the first time since she left the show after season 4 Freak Show, Jessica Lange reprised her role as Constance Langdon – the grandmother of Michael – in an episode directed by series regular Sarah Paulson.

And during an interview with Out Magazine, Cody admitted he was terrified when they started shooting the first scene with the iconic actress.

He said: “My ovaries exploded. I can’t begin to describe to you how overwhelmed I was.

“The first scene I shot with Jessica was the scene where Michael finds her dead body after she’s committed suicide, and I was so excited and nervous and afraid of that scene that I spent the whole day shaking like a leave.

“When we got to it, I was so excited and overwhelmed, it was very hard for me to drop into the chaos around what I needed to go into.

“Sarah, who is just the most exceptional human being in the world not to mention the hardest working and the most talented, took my hand and said, ‘Don’t be afraid of this, you’ve got to really go there’, and then jokingly, ‘Imagine that at the end of this if you didn’t get it that Jessica would think you’re a bad actor’.

“It was terrifying! I was certainly able to move past a wall, that’s what was blocking me, I was so afraid of judgment, that wasn’t coming from Jessica of course, it was coming from myself and my own process.

“Working with Jessica will go down as one of my life’s greatest achievements.”

We hear you, Cody!