Munroe Bergdorf stars in powerful film for International Transgender Day of Visibility - watch

The trans model and activist is seen with tears glued to her cheeks in the new film


Munroe Bergdorf stars in a new film created for International Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31).

The trans model and activist stars in Must be Strong – a film created by Femke Huurdeman and produced by CANADA London – and see her at first uncomfortable in her own skin with tears glued to her cheeks.

In the film, we follow her as she makes a transformation into a beautiful and powerful mermaid.

Speaking about the film, Munroe said: “Must be Strong is a film to celebrate International Trans Day of Visibility but it is also about the ever-increasing social pressures on us all.

“From unattainable beauty standards, to the seemly never-ending onslaught of transphobia in the press.

“This film is about choosing yourself in a time of uncertainty and self-doubt to become the person you always wanted to be, something that I'm sure most people can relate to.

“In one way or another we all transition. Being our authentic selves takes work, strength and determination, especially in a society where gender, racial and sexual oppression still exists.

“We wanted to make a film that not only visualises the difficulties that trans people may face when it comes to body image such as gender dysphoria, but also to show that these are hurdles that we all face as humans, especially as women and marginalised communities.

“The mermaid, a mythical creature is a manifestation of fierce beauty and strength. In one way or another we are all mermaids navigating rough seas.

“I want this film to be a reminder that no matter what those struggles may be, our differences unite us - especially in today's society where we are all exposed to such high expectations and demands.

“We have a choice; we can listen to learn from each other’s journeys, or we can close ourselves off, and as a result lose some of the magic that makes world so diverse and exciting.”

You can watch the film below: