Most complained about TV adverts of 2017 include one featuring a gay kiss

A twerking businessman in high heels and a lesbian kiss are among the most complained about adverts in Britain in the first half of 2017. A Moneysupermarket advert featuring a businessman named Dave wearing denim shorts and heels attracted the most complaints this year, with a total of 455. According to the Independent, viewers claimed the advert was offensive, overtly sexual, possibly homophobic and "having the potential to encourage hate crimes." A advert is the second most complained about ad between January and June with 293 complaints. The company's inclusive ad featured a woman removing her female partner's top, and kissing her passionately. Despite the high amount of complaints, the Advertising Standards Authority didn't pull the adverts or ban them, claiming that neither would cause "serious or widespread offence." However, fast-food chain McDonald's pulled an advert  after it was accused of exploiting child bereavement to sell fast food. The ad featured a mother helping her son grieve for his father by telling him about his father's favourite burger while sitting in the restaurant . Reports state that the total number of complains in the first half of 2017 is below that of last years and figures reveal that men complain more about ads than women. Guy Parker, chief executive of the Advertising Standards Authority, said: "We're spending more time online, but the mass audience of TV ads means they continue to generate the most complaints." "Whatever the issue and whatever the medium, we should be able to trust the ads we see and hear. If an ad is wrong, we're here to put it right." More stories: Police in Azerbaijan raiding homes and torturing LGBT+ people in brutal crackdown Charlie Carver gets back to nature as he strips completely naked in national park