MNEK's response to a fan who didn't know he was gay is perfect

MNEK has always found the idea of a grand, public coming out a bit odd. Speaking to us last year, the Never Forget You and At Night hit-maker said that he's shunned a big announcement because he "should be able to function the same way a straight person can function", adding that "A straight person wouldn’t have to make this announcement." So perhaps it's to be expected that a few fans haven't quite twigged that the singer-songwriter and producer, who revealed he's "safe and happy" and in a relationship earlier this year, is gay, out and proud. It's a fact of life that most LGBT people will have to come out countless times throughout their life. And MNEK's no-fuss response of "AF" (which means "as f**k") is pretty much the perfect way to do it. https://twitter.com/___Prometheus/status/767335865018413056 https://twitter.com/MNEK/status/767490944954490883 As fabulous it its, we probably wouldn't recommend using this one on your new boss... More stories: LGBT athletes take home record number of medals at Rio 2016 This is what happens when your date sees your tweet about how terrible your date is