Miley Cyrus's Instagram Hall of Fame

Ever wondered what the Disney girl-gone-bad gets up to when not spread-eagled on a wrecking ball? Here are the highlights from the controversial star's Instagram over the past year: To think, she seemed so innocent when pole dancing at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. And to think, she seemed so innocent when she poll danced at the teen choice awards.... #mileymeansbusiness Casually #chilling with friends. Miley marking her territory (which worked). Someone tell Katy to try it with a Grammy. Marking her territoryPosing with Baby Spice. Miley posing with Baby SpiceLil' Kim would be (and was) proud. Clearly there was a mark on the mirror. Doing the cleaning! 20 years too late for that Pretty Woman role, Miley. We actually do not know.