Microsoft launched an artificial intelligence bot and things got ugly

The robot, named Tay, is artificially intelligent and speaks with those who message it, while learning through every conversation it has. Unfortunately it's been learning all the wrong things... The account, which can be found at @TayandYou, started off pretty well yesterday with this Tweet.   However, shortly after, it got weird. The chat bot started repeating Trump sentiments, stating: "WE'RE GOING TO BUILD A WALL, AND MEXICO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT" Then it appeared that Trump had Tay's vote.   Then it got even stranger and kind of hateful when she started on feminists... Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.24.59 PM But it got worse. Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.24.09 PM Tay also managed to reinforce Godwin's law, which states that every online discussion or argument will use Hitler as an example at some point. However, Godwin's law didn't say anything about calling Obama a monkey.  Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.26.02 PM People at Microsoft obviously started to try and do some damage control by removing a lot of the Tweets, after which she posted:    Shortly after this, and not a moment too soon, Tay was put to sleep and all her sexist, racist and homophobic Tweets were swiftly deleted, and she left us with this message.