Michelle Visage slams pal Katie Hopkins' 'gay icon' dreams

Professional troll Katie Hopkins has been denounced again by her fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemate and pal, RuPaul's Drag Race favourite Michelle Visage, who says Hopkins has a long way to go before she reaches the "gay icon" status she's been vocal about craving. "You can’t say you want to be a gay icon on one hand and then support Dolce & Gabbana on the other," Visage told The Gay UK, referring to the Italian design pair's now-infamous comments about IVF children of gay parents being "synthetic children". Michelle-Visage-and-Katie-Hopkins "It just doesn’t make sense. And the Holocaust comments, the immigration comments, it’s just too much for me.” The pair struck up a close friendship inside the Celebrity Big Brother house this week, with Visage insisting they were able to stay friends despite their differing views - Visage had described Hopkins' views as "disgusting". Hopkins most recently courted controversy by incorrectly citing statistics in her Daily Mail column that “100% of British Muslims want homosexuality to be banned," and last week fronted up to a panel discussion at Brunel University - only to have the majority of students turn their backs to her, then walk out on her speech. More stories: Charlie by Matthew Zink heat it up with new swimwear shoot BBC nominates homophobic boxer as Sports Personality of the Year