Meet the first gay couple to marry in Ukraine

Tymur Levchuk and Zoryan Kis are the first gay couple to marry in Kyiv, Ukraine. The pair have been in a relationship for four years and tied the knot on April 9. Sadly, the state doesn't recognise the union and in response to it, the couple decided to organise their own ceremony. Speaking to the Kyiv Post, Kis said "We decided that we'd register our marriage in Ukraine when it becomes possible." The pair decided to marry a year ago when they were sitting on the bank of Synevyr Lake. "It was a romantic evening," Kis said. "I felt like we are alone in the world, so I proposed to Tymur, and he said yes." The pair meant when they attended a discussion on LGBT rights in Kyiv and were the only two who spoke Ukranian. However, homophobia is still present in Ukraine and the the couple have stated they have suffered some homophobic attacks. Human Rights Ombudswoman, Valeria Lutkovska, spoke to the Kyiv Post and said that: "We're just not ready to co-exist with LGBT people." The pair believe that their union will be recognised by Ukraine.