Meatzine's new 2018 calendar celebrates men with 'ordinary' bodies

The calendar hopes to shed light on body shaming in the gay community.


A new 2018 gay calendar aims to celebrate men with 'ordinary' bodies. 

Meatzine has released a new 2018 calendar featuring 12 untouched images of naked men of different ages, shapes and sizes in a bid to end shaming occurring in the gay community.

The London-based publication launched in 2010 and has called itself a "smoking hot celebration" of "real guys".

Adrian Lourie, Meatzine's founder and editor, told Huffington Post that the publication has been producing calendars for the last three years, but wanted to do "something a bit different" for the 2018 edition.

After realising that chiseled models "does nothing for my self-esteem or my body image," Lourie decided to present "an alternative view" and aimed to go against the "prevailing image of gay men as young, with perfect, porn-ready bodies."

Lourie hopes the calendar will shed light on the impact of body shaming among gay men. 

The meat Naked 2018 Calendar is available now from, along with a special edition of Meat Zine featuring exclusive pictures of the guys and others.

Take a look at some of the pics below: