'Mean Girls' stars reunite for LGBT charity screening

Two of our favourite Mean Girls stars re-united earlier this week (no, sadly not Dawn Schweitzer and Amber D'Alessio), and it was totally fetch. Jonathan Bennett and Daniel Franzese - who played man candy Aaron Samuels and Damian 'too gay to function' Leigh respectively in the 2004 cult comedy classic - were brought back together for a special charity screening of the movie last weekend, Queerty reports. meangirlsDFJB The pair were pictured attending the Street Food Cinema’s outdoor screening of the movie in Los Angeles, which raised money for LGBT youth charity The Trevor Project through a text-to-donate campaign. While attitude.co.uk columnist Franzese has found post-North Shore success in HBO's Looking, 34-year-old Bennett is currently hosting new US Bake Off-style series Cake Wars. Despite being voted the world's hottest male LGBT celebrity last year and seemingly being outed by a Dancing with the Stars co-star soon after, Bennett has never publicly addressed the topic of his sexuality. But it's great to see the pair supporting such a great cause (we mean the The Trevor Project people, not the film, though obviously that too). To celebrate Mean Girls' tenth anniversary last year, we looked back at the film to see why people still can't get enough of the Tina Fey-penned movie - click here to read more. Despite Fey insisting that there are "no plans" for a sequel, her husband revealed earlier this year that a Mean Girls musical the pair are working on was about "60% complete". More stories: In pics: Kevin G from 'Mean Girls' is super hot now Lindsay Lohan enjoys another 'Mean Girls' reunion