McKellen encourages fundraisers for vulnerable LGBT kids

ian mckellenSir Ian McKellen has recorded a special video message urging people to hold an 'AKT Party' in aid of the Albert Kennedy Trust, which works to provide support and shelter for homeless and vulnerable LGBT youth. As part of its 25th anniversary, the charity is launching a brand new way for people to get involved and help raise money to fight LGBT homelessness - the AKT Party. In the video, McKellen, who is a patron of the Trust, says: "We've come up with the idea that you should use your home [to support the Trust] by having a dinner party, tea party, cocktail party, bake sale - anything you fancy. Ask your friends along and charge them, and the Trust benefits." "I know you'll come up with some wonderful ideas and have fun along the way," the 75-year-old adds. "I intend to have a tea party here at my own home. So thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing what you are planning." By hosting an AKT Party during the big AKT Party week from September 22-28, you'll be helping to raise the awareness and funds that will enable the charity to provide a predicted 12,000 nights off the streets over the next 12 months. The Albert Kennedy Trust was founded in 1989 in Manchester and has since expanded to London and Newcastle. Last year the Trust provided over 1,000 hours of mentoring to vulnerable LGBT youth, and is anticipating a 50% increase in this figure over the next 12 months. Every penny raised during AKT Party week will go directly to supporting young LGBT people in need. Just £50 can provide clothes and basic provisions for someone who has been forced to flee their family home, while £500 could fund one of AKT's rainbow starter packs, which helps LGBT young people move into independent living and start reclaiming their lives. To host an AKT Party simply register online at  and AKT will send you a special Party Pack with everything you need - even bunting and balloons. For more information visit You can watch Sir Ian's special video message below: Related stories: Panic! At the Disco fight anti-gay group with charity donation Smokin' hot Royal Marines strip naked for charity