McCain unveil brand new LGBT-inclusive ad - WATCH

The UK brand has hit back at bigots in the best way


McCain has unveiled a brand new LGBT inclusive advert. 

The brand's latest advertisement features a lesbian couple, and comes following a backlash over a previous advert from 2017 that featured two gay men. 

Back in September, McCain was targeted with threats and abuse online as homophobes compared gay parents to paedophiles. 

But rather than shy away from producing similar adverts, McCain have hit back at the bigots in the best way possible.

The company's new "Here's to Love" campaign features a lesbian couple cooking together in their kitchen, as well as a mixture of disabled and interracial couples. 

“When it comes to love, what’s normal?” says the ad.

“Normal isn’t normal. Love doesn’t care about gender, where you’re from, or what others may think.”

 Watch the advert below:

Isn't it great to see companies not allowing bigots to win? 

(Note: an earlier version of this article incoreectly stated that last year's ad was pulled by McCain because of the backlash it faced. We can confirm that the ad was not withdrawn at any point).