Matthew Camp to star in Tom of Finland adult film series

The social media star will appear in a series of blue movies inspired by the iconic artwork.


From clothing to coffee, postage stamps to jockstraps, Tom of Finland's cultural impact remains as strong now as it did 70 years ago when Finnish artist Touko Laaksonen first began producing his hyper-masculinised fetish art.

It's perhaps surprising then, that it's taken until 2019 for a Tom of Finland adult film series to come to fruition, but that's exactly what gay adult site has in store for audiences after announcing a lucrative new collaboration with the brand ahead of the 100th anniversary of Laaksonen's birth next year.

Tom of Finland X Men will see adult actor, model and former Attitude cover star Matthew Camp appear in a series of erotic features alongside fellow adult stars Kurtis Wolfe and Theo Brady.

Inspired by Tom of Finland's unique stylised tone, the first three episodes are set to be period pieces, according to XBiz, with later installments taking place in the present day and future in order to "re-imagine Tom of Finland for a new generation".

Renowned filmmaker and pornographer Bruce LaBruce is set to helm at least one of the episodes, and the veteran director was full of praise for the upcoming blue movies' source material.

"Tom of Finland's drawings have always intrigued me and turned me on as a kind of burlesque of gay male sexuality", LaBruce said.

"It's a performative masculinity that also happens to be extremely hot. There is much joy in the representation, as well as an underlying current of humor and irony."

The first episode of Tom of Finland X Men is set to debute exclusive on next Thursday, (12 December). We suppose we better tune in - you know, for purely professional reasons...