Matthew Camp releases life-sized doll of himself - and the unboxing video is a lot

"I'm gonna go f*** myself right now"


Words: Brian Leonard; pictures: Instagram/@MatthewCamp/

Matthew Camp has released a life-sized doll inspired by his own likeness. 

The adult star, who boasts 128,000 likes on OnlyFans, shared The Official Matthew Camp Doll on social media on Monday (15 November).

In an Instagram post about the doll, Matt said: "'Me, myself and I that’s all I got in the end. So I’m going to be my own best friend.' Now you can too.

"Find out how in the link on the top of my page. Watch the full unboxing video!"

"They scanned my body"

The product is described on its official web page as an 'exact 3D scan replica' of the star, featuring a 'detailed silicone head with real implanted hair.'

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The doll, priced at £2,979.00, follows Matthew releasing his own clothing line and appearing on the 2020 reality series Slag Wars.

Matthew has also filmed a video of himself unboxing and assembling the doll, posted on, calling it the "coolest f***ing thing," adding "they scanned my body" to make the product. (Watch the video via this NSFW link).

In the clip, Matt seems impressed by the likeness, but quipped: "My whites [of my eyes] are not that white! I've had a hard, long life of doing porn, sucking d***."

Signing off, the 37-year-old says: "I'm gonna go f*** myself right now!"