Matthew Camp : 'Normalising online sex work is an excellent path to economic recovery'

Excl: OnlyFans sensation on hanging with Andy Cohen, his new TV show Slag Wars and his evolving sexuality


(Words: Jamie Tabberer; supplied pictures: Charles Moriarty)

When Attitude catches up with Matthew Camp via Zoom, it's during a tumultuous week in world news: the US election.

“I voted for Biden,” says the adult star with quiet optimism. (You've surely heard how that turned out...).

Politics aside, it’s also a time of change in Matthew’s professional/personal life. He has a new TV show out this month, and has just moved house.

“We have a lot of construction happening – it’s a little hectic!” he says of his new place in New York State. “There’s stuff that needs to be repaired, plasterwork. I’m going to do some stained glass for the house!”

As for work, the OnlyFans sensation (106.5k likes and counting) will play a key role in Men.com’s first safe-for-work reality TV show Slag Wars, dropping 27 November. Fronted by Rebecca More and Sophie Anderson - veteran porn stars, gay icons – the show sees seven sex workers, porn stars and models compete to become the next ‘destroyer’.

“It’s the antidote for all of the ridiculous nonsense that’s happening in the world,” 36-year-old Matthew explains. “It’s what we all need. Which is, having fun with your slutty family!" 

Here Matthew reveals all about Slag Wars, hanging out with Andy Cohen in NYC’s oldest gay bar and how Rebecca and Sophie have changed his view of sexuality…

Tell us about Slag Wars…

“It's different people competing to be the next ‘Destroyer’, but it’s really a show about family, and connecting and bonding with people.”

Was it shot in a socially distanced manner?

“We definitely followed all of the regulations for Covid-19 at that time. Everyone was good at taking care of each other, reminding each other to wear masks and stuff, when appropriate. Byond that, we got so close, we kept tabs on each other after the show.”

Is there any sex on screen?

“There’s not. It’s documenting people who are sexually free. Fun people, having fun, being stupid!”

What's the format? How is it decided who wins?

“The competition was tough. Everyone who was so talented and beautiful in their own way. But the challenges they go through - I don’t want to give away too much ­about the structure – Rebecca and Sophie judge them. I’m the gay Tim Gunn. [Gunn, the out gay fashion mogul who served as a mentor on Project Runway]. The gayer Tim Gunn! I help them out in between.”

Can you give an example of a challenge?

“There’s a cock-destroying challenge. That’s all I’m saying.”

I’m thinking it has something to do with cake…

“That’s a good guess!”

What makes a good ‘Destroyer’?

“Someone not afraid to live in the moment, live their truth. Not holding back or worried about what other people think. If they want something they’re going after it. And they support everyone else with those same values.”

How did you get involved?

“I work with Rebecca and Sophie through Daddy Couture. That’s the company me and Rebecca own together. We were having so much fun, meeting amazing people – we thought, ‘we have to do something to document this and show how amazing these people are.’ We figured this would be a good way.”

How has coronavirus affected your 2020?

“A lot less travelling, which can actually be kind of nice. I’ve thought about getting a dog!”

Has the pandemic affected your sex life?

“To be honest I only have a couple of handfuls of partners. I also don’t live in a big city – it’s a small town. So, I have pretty much the set group that I sleep with. It’s been fine. I haven’t noticed much of an effect on it.”

How do you conduct relationships with people you have casual sex with, beyond just sex?

“I feel like a sexual relationship – I don’t know what the right way to put this is – you’re always learning from each other. You’re always getting something new from that person. Physically, sexually, whatever. It’s important for people to have different influences in their lives. And relationships. Whether that be friendships, sexual relationships, whatever.

“The idea of monogamy is nice, and some people can do it, but I think as things become more modern and we live in more condensed societies, it’s not a realistic expectation. In America people are taught: husband, wife, Disney romance. That’s the image a lot of people are sold. It doesn’t have to be like that.”

You told Attitude last year you wanted to get with Andy Cohen. Have you succeeded?

“Oh my god! I can’t comment on that…”

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Jokes aside, how did you become friends? 

“I met him at Julius’ Bar [the oldest gay bar in New York City]. I used to go there to eat cheeseburgers and drink bourbon. I met him, we hung out, and he was very charming!”

Do you have any celebrity fans on OnlyFans?

“Yeah. There’s a relatively famous DJ. And some other interesting characters…”

What’s your view on celebrities joining OnlyFans?

“It’s great. Normalising online sex work is an excellent path to economic recovery. Especially after Covid. We’re having this peak where people are spending a lot of time inside. They’re also getting stimulus money – some countries more than others. It’s a good way for people to support small businesses, which could be sex workers in your area. Also, like, spend money, get the economy going. As we get closer to technology, AI, stuff like that, sex work is not going to have the same sort of stigma it’s had in the past. I think this is the first sign we’re entering a different age in sexuality.”

So you think it’s a good thing - getting the message out there?

“Absolutely. If people are making money from something, it’s closer that we’re going to legalise sex work. And really, the best way to keep people safe is to legalise that.”

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Has lockdown and 2020 affected your exercise regime and body?

“I’m 35 – or 36, I think! – and I’ve been working out at least every other day for years. Taking some months off, I lost some weight for sure. I was definitely a lower weight than I’d like to be. I’ve been so busy, and haven’t had as much time to meal prep. Working out and getting big really is a full time job.”

Anything you’d like to add?

“The show is great. And my relationships with Rebecca and Sophie are so rewarding. I can’t sing their praises enough. They’re such enlightened individuals. Just being around them is uplifting. And I hope people that watch the show get the same uplifting feeling.”

What’s the most interesting thing they’ve taught you about sex?

“Oh, geez. Try anything once, at least. I guess I’m a bisexual now, because of them. I've always been attracted to the female form, from a very young age. Sketching very busty, exaggerated women. But being around Rebecca and Sophie kind of acted like a catalyst. 

"I don't see attraction as limited to people with dicks. It's all great! Sexy holes come in many forms, and not always on dudes. Honestly, it's funny people are stlll so laser focused on one body type or one sex organ."

Finally, what’s the last video on your OnlyFans?

“I fisted a guy. This real thick man, 6’4 with a big butt. I was like: ‘You can handle this.’ He loved it!”

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