Matt Healy says he is attracted to other men but not in a sexual way

The 1975 frontman revealed the first passionate kiss he saw was between two men


Words: Steve Brown

Matt Healy has said he is attracted to other men but “not in a carnal, sexual way”.

The 1975 frontman’s sexuality has been the topic of much discussion after saying in a radio interview a few years ago that he is “still asking myself questions” when it came to sexuality.

And now, the singer has revealed what questions he was asking and in a candid interview with Shortlist magazine, Matt said he associated LGBT people with “freedom of expression”.

He said: “Well, you can look at whether sexuality is a social construct, which of course, it isn’t.

“But when I was a kid most of the people [around me] who were successful and doing what they wanted to do were gay.

“I associated that freedom of self with freedom of expression. I think I looked up to them, not as pariahs or outsiders, but as people who were truly themselves.

“I’ve always found that engaging. I’ve thought, ‘Maybe it’s unusual to be as flamboyant as I am, or unusual to be as in the gay world as I am… what does that mean? Am I a bit gay?’

“And then I was like, ‘No, that’s not how it works!’ It comes down to who you want to fuck.”

Although he identifies as straight, Matt also opened up about whether he is attracted to other men and admitted to having kissed a guy in the past.

He continued: “Yes, but not in a carnal, sexual way. The other sex is still attractive, it’s just that sex is weird, isn’t it?

“Do you know what I mean? It’s like, do you want to do blowjobs with a guy? No. Do I want to kiss a guy? Yeah… Kind of.”

Matt – whose parents are Denise Welch and Tim Healy – also revealed the first passionate kiss he ever saw was between two men and he vividly remembers how “intimate it was”.

“The first passionate kiss I saw was between two blokes. I remember it vividly,” he added.

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“How intimate it was, and I wanted that intimacy. It was an erotic and sexual presentation to do in front of a child, now I think of it.

“I just saw it as sexy. As a kid, if you see two grown-ups kiss properly, you’re a bit like, ‘What’s that? What’s that feeling? I didn’t know we did that with each other’.

“I think my perceived ideas of masculinity stem from my first idea of sexuality.”