Marge Simpson denounces tragic LGBTQ film tropes: 'We need happier gay content'

Exclusive: The First Lady of Springfield chats to Attitude about straight allyship and Brokeback Mountain.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Disney

Marge Simpson has correctly identified the bizarre, decades-long trend for LGBTQ-themed films to be super depressing, insisting: "We need happier gay content."

Serve that tea, Marge!

The First Lady of Springfield addresses the issue while speaking to Attitude's new-look March/April issue: a The Simpsons special in which gay resident Waylon Smithers introduces his new boyfriend, Michael De Graaf.

The Simpsons' Waylon Smithers leads Attitude's new-look March/April issue. (Cover illustrated by Julius Preite)

The Simpsons' Waylon Smithers leads Attitude's new-look March/April issue. Get your copy here. (Cover illustrated by Julius Preite)"Of course I was excited to see Smithers dating someone!" the mum to Bart, Lisa and Maggie tells us. "I just wanted him to live happily ever after, like in Call Me by Your Name. Wait, no, that ends so sad."

She's not wrong.

"Brokeback Mountain - no. Hmmm. Milk - no. Dallas Buyers Club? Rent - no… Boys Don’t Cry - wow, we’ve really got to get some happier gay content."

Elsewhere Marge - who Smithers, in our interview, names as Springfield's best LGBTQ ally - tells us how she came to be such an avid supporter of queer people.

And, somewhat bizarrely, it has to do with butter.

"Everything I know I learned from my favorite cookbook, It Gets Butter: How to Be an Ally in the Kitchen!" she reveals. "I swear by it!

"Plus, everything does get better with butter!"

The latest issue of Attitude also sees us speak to Marge's husband Homer as well as the father-and-son writing team behind upcoming Smithers-centric episode of The Simpsons, 'Portrait of a Lackey on Fire'.

The new-look Attitude March/April issue is out now.