Man who waited 85 years to come out hopes his story will inspire people to be true to themselves

Martin told his story in a moving video produced by 5 Gum


A man who waited until he was 85 to come out hopes to inspire younger people to be true to themselves.

Martin, who is 86, has told his story of regret and loss in a new touching video produced by 5 Gum where he details how he believes he has “missed the boat” to find someone to love and live with.

He says in the video: “I started photography when I was about 16. I was literally having to hide my sexuality but who is to accuse me of being gay because I am photographing a guy?

“It’s tough to be an outsider. I regret being such a sissy. So nervous. So bloody shy.

“I left it till I was actually 85 years old to really basically come out.

“I’ve missed the boat as regards to finding a lovely partner, a soulmate that I could love, live with.”

“If you ask me if you want to set up with another young guy, go ahead, do it. You’ve got it. You owe it to yourself. And to him.”

The moving story then sees Martin watching videos of younger, gay people who respond to his message by being true to themselves and being proud of who they are.

Watch the moving video below: