Man who murdered and chopped up girlfriend's roommate has been given life sentence

Ciro Guarente (left) reportedly got jealous of Vincenzo Ruggiero's close friendship with his girlfriend


A man who brutally murdered and chopped up his girlfriend’s roommate has been given a life sentence.

Ciro Guarente shot and killed gay activist Vincenzo Ruggiero in southern Italy last year after he became jealous of the victim who was living with his trans girlfriend Heven Grimaldi at the time.

He reportedly became suspicious of the close friendship between the two and went to Ruggiero’s apartment while his girlfriend was away and proceeded to kill him.

After shooting him, Guarente tried to hide his body by chopping it up, dissolving it in acid before hiding the remains in a nearby garage.

Guarente pleaded guilty to the murder but police believe he had an accomplice and are still looking for the person who gave him the gun.

Now, during the court proceedings, the judge condemned him to life sentence on Wednesday (September 26).

Guarente attempted to receive a shorter sentence and read a letter to the victim’s family saying he was sorry for the pain he caused them, according to Italian newspaper