Man stabbed to death by neighbour after gay friend made sexual advances towards him

He wa sstabbed in his chest after refusing to give over a phone


A man was stabbed to death with a broken bottle by his neighbour after his gay friend made "sexual advances" towards him.

Samuel Owawu invited his gay friend Francis to his home in Lagos, Nigeria - where is it illegal to be gay - and, according to prosecutor Monisola Oshibogun, Francis immediately made sexual advances towards him, NAN reported.

However, Owawu resisted and raised an alarm causing a crowd to gather around the home and started beating Francis.

Oshibogun said: "The deceased and his friend, Emeka Uche, had invited a mutual friend named Francis to their house.

"Francis, who is homosexual, immediately started making sexual advances at Owawu when he arrived and Owawu tried to resist him.

"Owawu raised an alarm and a crowd gathered at the residence and started beating Francis, the alleged homosexual."

It was at this point that Owawu's neighbour Adebayo Ahmed started demanding Francis' phone, but when Owawu refused - saying the phone had evidence of Francis engaging in homosexual activity - the two started fighting.

Oshibogun continued: "At this point, Ahmed and some of his friends who belong to the same cult group started demanding for the release of a phone belonging to Francis.

"Owawu had objected, insisting that the phone which had some videos of Francis engaging in homosexual activity would be tendered as evidence to the police.

"Ahmed engaged Owawu in a fight, and in the process he picked up a broken bottle and stabbed him the chest."

Owawu was taken to Ifako Ijaive General Hospital where he later died and Ahmed was apprehended and has been remanded in prison.