Man spared jail time for homophobic attack offers victims a hug instead

A North Carolina man who plead guilty to assaulting a gay couple will not serve a prison sentence. On the night of February 23, Kevin Paul Taylor and Kevin Seymour saw Brandon Ray Davis riding his scooter erratically. Observing that Davis was under the influence, Taylor and Seymour suggested to Davis that he walk home instead for his own safety. Davis, 30, then lashed out at the couple. He called them "faggots" and told them to perform oral sex on him. Davis went on to say that Taylor and Seymour probably voted for "that bitch Hillary [Clinton]", before telling them that they are “in Trump country now.” The couple alleges that Davis then followed them home for a considerable distance, eventually knocking Seymour off his bike. “I tried to save this man’s life,” Seymour said during the hearing. “He tried to end mine.” “I landed on my feet, that was the luck of it,” Seymour said during Wednesday's hearing. Judge Wayne Miller concluded that the injuries sustained were not enough to justify jail time. Davis was instead sentenced to four years probation, 75 hours of community service and was banned from drinking alcohol for two years. During sentencing Davis offered to console his victims with a hug. “My heart goes out to you guys, every bit of it,” Davis tolfTaylor and Seymour, who were seated in hearing. “I’m asking you to come put your arms around me, take my hand.” The couple refused his request, sitting in silence. Taylor and Seymour expressed their disappointment that Davis did not receive any jail time “At the end of the day he assaulted us,” said Taylor. “At least a few days in jail.” More stories: Social media star Cameron Dallas gets shirtless and wet in new photoshoot Gay former Lib Dem MP David Laws slams Tim Farron’s ‘illiberal and prejudiced’ views on homosexuality