Man pepper sprayed in face by a woman during alleged homophobic attack in Barcelona

Edgar Aragall suffered extreme irritation in his eyes, face and stomach


Words: Steve Brown

A man was pepper sprayed in the face by a woman during an alleged homophobic hate crime in Barcelona.

Edgar Aragall had been out dancing with his friends and was holding hands with another man when an unknown woman approached them on the subway in the Spanish city.

The woman asked if he was gay and started yelling homophobic slurs at him. After another woman tried to intervene, the attacker and her partner began attacking the woman.

Aragall claims the attacker them reached into her pocket and began spraying him in the face at point-blank range with pepper spray.

He experience extreme irritation in his eyes, face and stomach and had to visit the hospital for treatment immediately.

The attacker and her partner had disappeared and still haven’t been found.