Man jailed for four years after threatening to kill a gay man in a homophobic hate crime

Matthew Walker smashed into Gareth Dixon's house in Hull back in January


Words: Steve Brown

A man has been sentenced to four years in prison after threatening a man with a knife in a homophobic hate crime.

Matthew Walker, 45, smashed into Gareth Dixon’s house in Hull after turning up with a golf club and a wooden bat back in January this year.

Walker reportedly screamed: “I’m gonna fucking kill you, you queer ****.” Before smashing the windows and the front door.

When police arrived, Walker told them to ‘fuck off’ and he was tasered before being arrested.

However, Walker told police that Dixon ‘deserves it’ but he is a ‘fucking queer ****’ and said ‘there will be bodies. I’ve told you I’ll kill him. I’ll fucking slice him up, just you watch.’

All the ground floor windows were smashed and the tank were Dixon kept his pet tarantula was also damaged.

When Walker was released on bail, he turned up at Dixon’s home and attempted to break down the door and threatened him with a knife.

Dixon told HullLive: “You shouldn’t be allowed to bully somebody because of their sexuality. I hate it. It makes me feel ill. That’s why I don’t go out anymore.

“Any bang I hear on the door, it is like a heart attack. I sit in the dark constantly in case people think I am in because the lights are on.

“I have been here six years and I used to live next door growing up. I used to feel safe around here but now I don’t. It has killed me. I am knocked for six.”

Walker appeared at Hull Crown Court on Monday 8 July and was sentenced to four years and four months in prison.