Man attacked in alleged homophobic attack after Queens' gay pride

Brandon Soriano was left with a split lip and large bruises on his face


A man was attacked in an alleged homophobic hate crime attack after celebrating Queens’ Pride Parade.

Brandon Soriano, 25, was about to pick up food on his way home when two strangers attacked him in an unprovoked attack, according to CBS2 New York.

He said: “Whatever anger they had they took it out on me.

“I don’t know them from a hole in a wall. Never spoke to them before. Getting your butt kicked for the same reason you went to pride, just crazy.

“Homophobia is real and it’s annoying. Definitely annoying.”

Soriano was left with a split lip and large, raised bruises around his head and was left unconscious but by the time he regained consciousness, his attackers were gone.

He added if he saw his attackers again he’d cross the street and walk the other way.

Watch his interview with CBS2 below: