Man arrested after homophobic attack in gay bar

Shane McCrea called patrons at the bar 'fucking f*****s' before punching a police officer


A man was arrested after homophobic attack in a gay bar in Key West.

Shane McCrea was drinking in the Bourbon Street Pub when he started calling patrons ‘f*****s’ and saying they will be “burning in hell”, the report filed by the Key West police reported.

The bouncer, Milan Culum, removed McCrea from the bar but was punched in the stomach twice and McCrea also kicked another patron after calling him a “fucking f****t”.

When police arrived, McCrea refused to comply with their orders and was handcuffed at Taser point and pepper-sprayed before he was finally put in leg restraints – after he banged his head against the patrol car hood and attempting to kick officers.

McCrea’s outburst continued on the way to the police station and he claimed he was a combat veteran and would seek revenge with his “high-ranking” friends.

He was arrested on four counts of felony battery resisting arrest on law enforcement officers, five felony counts of threats against a public servant or their family, one felony count enhancement for a hate crime and one felony count of resisting an officer with violence.

McCrea was also arrested on four misdemeanour charges for fighting in public, battery, criminal property damage and disorderly conduct.

He is on a $46,000 bond.