Male models transformed into ‘robots’ through the power of make-up

We turned hotties into bot-ties


It is a case of back to the future as we revisit one of our most ambitious and head-turning fashion photo shoots.

Three years ago, Attitude teamed up with renowned make-up guru Andrew Gallimore for an AI-themed shoot.

The assignment was to transform two male models into robots (chic ones at that) – he didn’t just rise to the challenge, he, ahem, terminated it.

We recently reunited with Andrew in the Attitude summer issue, out now to download and to order globally.

It was bronzer brushes at dawn as he joined us in judging the aspiring make-up artists who appeared in series two of BBC’s hit show Glow Up.

The man knows his stuff, but just as a polite reminder, (robo)cop a load of Andrew’s previous collaboration with us…

This photo shoot first appeared in Attitude issue 282, May 2017. Make-up: Andrew Gallimore/Photography: Mark Cant/Fashion: Joseph Kocharian

He has a sparkling personality too

Now that's what you call contouring

Looks a-glaze-ing

A suprising streak...

Talk about two-faced!

Always wondered what was going on in his head...

The Attitude summer issue is out now to download and to order globally.

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