Madonna releases three new Rebel Heart songs, talks Grammys bum-flash

The slow and steady drip-feed of Madonna's Rebel Heart album campaign continues, with the Queen of Pop offering up three more songs on iTunes in the wake of her show-stopping Grammys performance. Of course, if you've been paying attention to the various track leaks Madge has endured in the past couple of months, these three songs might not actually be that new to you at all. 1897011_10153095227189402_7070534917528462425_n The tracks - Iconic, Hold Tight and Joan of Arc - follow the first six songs from the album that Madonna dropped back in December following the first of many unathorished Rebel Heart leaks. As with everything we've heard from Madonna's 25-track behemoth, scheduled for release next month, the three tracks are a diverse mix. There's on-trend R&B-tinged pop in Hold Tight, a classic Madonna confesssional ballad in Joan of Arc, and one wildcard: the slightly cringey, cartoonish Iconic, complete with guest spot from Mike Tyson and haunted house sound effects in the chorus. Madonna also conducted a sleepy radio interview with Ryan Seacrest from her bed on the morning after the Grammys, giving away some behind-the-scenes goss from the night. Seems the dramatic final moment of her Living For Love performance - in which the diva was hoisted to the roof in a back-straining pose - was the one part that hadn't quite been choreographed properly. "The one thing everyone forgot to do was tell me when I could sit up [in the harness]. I’m laying back there, like forever… in this super extreme back bend, hanging over the audience. I was like 'Can I sit up now? Is the camera off of me? No one said 'M you can sit up now' in my ears. It was the one moment everyone overlooked. Eventually, I sat up and was like 'Screw this, my back is killing me!'" she said. 10974584_10153093082384402_3323007248422992765_o Source: Madonna's Facebook, picture by Kevin Mazur And her cheeky bum-flash on the red carpet, which instantly made headlines worldwide? Madonna insists it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. "I had an inspired, accidental wardrobe malfunction moment...Literally, for one second when I walked away, I mooned. It wasn't really mooning, I just lifted my dress up...Everyone's seen my naked butt already. Not for a while, not since the 90s. It's the age of ass, isn't it? For lack of a better phrase…it was just me having fun and being cheeky. No pun intended... That was a little part of my Rebel Heart." We saw more than your heart, Madonna.