Luca star Jack Dylan Grazer comes out as bisexual, shares pronouns

The 17-year-old star of It and Pixar's Luca has come out publicly in refreshingly casual fashion.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; pictures: HBO/Disney

Luca star Jack Dylan Grazer is the latest star to come out in a wonderfully casual way, revealing he's bisexual in an Instagram Live Q&A.

Congrats, Jack!

Footage of the moment is currently circulating on social media (watch below). At around the same time, the star also changed their Instagram pronouns to he/they, according to reports this weekend. (At the time of writing, Jack's account does not appear to contain pronouns.)

"Silencio Bruno!"

In the video in question, Jack is seeing reading out a question from a fan: "Are you gay?"

"I'm bi..." the 17-year-old replies, before adding in a reference to Pixar's Luca: "Silencio Bruno!"

"Silencio Bruno" it is the catchphrase of Jack's Luca character Alberto, who teaches his friend Luca to use it whenever he needs to silence his fears.

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Jack plays the role of Alberto in Disney's latest film, about two teenage sea monsters posing as humans in an Italian fishing town. The movie has been widely interpreted as a metaphor for coming to terms with one's sexuality.

Jack is also known for roles in HBO's We Are Who We Are and It Chapter One and It Chapter Two.

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