Love, Victor's George Sear would cast Robert Pattinson as new love interest on series

The British actor opens up behind the scenes of his Attitude cover shoot.


Pictures: Dennis Leupold; Styling: Douglas VanLaningham

Love, Victor heart-throb George Sear has said that he would choose Robert Pattinson as a dream love interest for his character on the show.

As he appears on the cover of Attitude's Summer issue – out now to download and to order globally – the 24-year-old star, who plays Benji on the Disney+ show, also discussed kissing co-star Michael Cimino (the titular Victor) the the era of Covid safety, as well as what connects him to his character.

“Why not work with Batman if you can?!”

Asked who would he like to appear in the show as a potential love interest, George, who identifies as straight, says: “I think I’d have to go for… I mean, I’d like to work with Robert Pattinson, so… yeah, there’s that. Why not! Why not work with Batman if you can?!”

He also says he’s had a lot of messages from people watching the show, and that one from someone in the military stood out to him.

“It was about how they didn’t feel accepted in the military as being gay and then the show gave them something to draw hope from, I suppose. That was a really nice, meaningful message to get.”

On relating to his character, the actor says there is a shared love of music between art and reality. George also says they’re both comfortable in themselves but he admits “for the most part” he’s quite comfortable in himself, but that, “Benji is probably a little bit next level with his confidence than I am.

George wears cardigan by Maison Margiela, necklace by Azature A (Photography: Dennis Leupold; Styling: Douglas VanLaningham)

“Part of it is, you can fake it till you make it, and that’s something that I have to remind myself to do in a situation where I’m not maybe feeling as confident. I feel like that’s something Benji probably does as well.”

And on those kissing scenes, made more difficult by Covid-19...

“We went through a lot of mouthwash, let’s put it that way. Between every take, we’d have to mouthwash then proceed to kiss and then mouthwash.” This, he says, comes with perils as an English actor doing an American accent.

“Because I’m doing an accent as well, it kind of makes your tongue numb if you have a lot of mouthwash […] It makes the accent slightly harder to do once you’re on take 10.


George Sear and Michael Cimino (Photography: Dennis Leupold; Styling: Douglas VanLaningham)


"I didn’t love having to do that, but, you know, it was worth it to be able to film the scenes and to kiss Michael, who’s not a bad kisser.”

I guess we all have to take our lumps.

George previously spoke to Attitude in February, alongside his co-star Cimino, who revealed he'd been subject to homophobic messages after playing a gay role.

Sear admitted his own experience had been better, saying: “The response has been nothing but positive from what I’ve seen. It’s really nice and touching getting messages from people who’ve watched the show and it’s resonated with them.”

Watch George and Michael's previous interview here:

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