Love Island's Chris and Kem shave their initials into each other's crotch

Love Island has gripped the nation this year, and it’s just got a whole lot more interesting. The show is the height of straight culture, and while that's not normally our thing, we're absolutely obsessed with it this year because we're totally shameless. But while we love Camila much like everyone up and down the country, one of our other favourite parts of this year's series has been the blossoming bromance between Chris and Kem. They took things to the next level last night, when they decided to shave each other's initials into their pubes. Yup, this is literally what straight men get up to. Watch the clip below: https://twitter.com/LoveIsland/status/884503800261824517 We're speechless. Earlier in the series, all the girls spied on Chris and told viewers that he has a "baseball" penis. We're truly living in the golden era of television, guys.