Looking for a hair transplant alternative to combat baldness? Brandwood Clinic may have the solution

The clinic has served more than 12,000 patients since opening back in 2015


Four in ten men will experience hair loss by the age of 35 and half of us are bald by 50.

Currently, there are just two drugs available to treat baldness — with mixed results — or hair transplant. But these can be expensive and don’t always work.

Now, however, growing numbers of men are turning to an increasingly popular technique called scalp micropigmentation (SMP) that mimics hair growth by using thousands of tiny ink dots on the scalp to give the appearance of a full head of shaved hair.

Brandwood founders Simon Lane and Paul Clark

The treatment — otherwise known as ‘medical hair tattooing’ —can restore a naturally looking hairline on bald heads or permanently camouflage other hair loss such as alopecia.

Advocates claim it is also far less invasive than more traditional hair loss treatment and are attracted by its ease, relative speed and discretion.

The number of clinics in the UK offering SMP has risen from just three in 2015 to more than a dozen today, with more than 100 practitioners.

Brandwood — the UKs largest SMP specialist — has seen a 30 per cent rise in demand over the last year.

“It’s all about confidence. Men want an easy and reliable alternative to hair transplants”, says Paul Clark, co-founder of Brandwood, whose team have performed more than 12,000 treatment sessions since the company was founded in 2015.

Wesley Chambers began to lose his hair aged just 17.

“There’s nothing inherently wrong with going bald and on a lot of guys it looks really great, but in myself I felt defeated and old before my time, which, coming out of a long-term relationship, wasn’t the best mental state to be in,” says Wesley, 32, a retail management consultant from Sheffield. 

“I wished that the stubble I had at the sides of my head could just spread evenly across my head.”

In 2017 Wesley was treated by Brandwood’s experts, having four treatment sessions of three hours each, to create the look of a shaved head of full hair.

“Friends actually thought my hair was growing back. But more importantly I was told how much happier and confident I’d became following the treatment.

“A glow that over the years had diminished from my eyes returned.”

Brandwood Clinic is based in Solihull near Birmingham and their price range begins at £500 with a typical full hair-loss treatment costing around £2,950 (subject to consultation). Find out more information here:

Watch co-founder Simon Lane talking about SMP below:

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