Long-running children's show 'Arthur' reveals main character is gay

Mr Ratburn got married to his aardvark partner Patrick in the brand new season


Words: Steve Brown

The long-running children’s TV show Arthur has revealed one of its main characters is gay.

In the brand-new season, the PBS show saw the titular character and his friends attend the wedding of their teacher, Mr Ratburn.

In the episode, Arthur’s friends assume he is marrying a female rat called Patty – voice by Jane Lynch – however, they discover that the wedding is between two grooms as Patty turns out to be his sister.

We discover that his new husband is an aardvark named Patrick.

This isn’t the first time the show has shown a same-sex marriage before as the spin-off show Postcards from Buster featured a lesbian couple back in 2005.

Mr Ratburn’s wedding was greeted with praise on social media.