Little Mix's Jade Thirwall slays homophobic fan with epic comeback

Little Mix have long been champions of the gay community, and after Perrie Edwards told Attitude last year that's she got into fights defending her gay friends, it seems that fellow member Thirwall is following suit, after posting an epic response to a homophobic fan online. It all kicked off yesterday (March 16) when Jade, who previously revealed to attitude.co.uk that RuPaul is her "idol", posted a picture of the iconic drag queen on Instagram as her 'Woman Crush Wednesday', with the caption "goals" and "Butch Queen" - the title of Ru's latest album.

goals. #WCW #ButchQueen

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Little Mix have previous when it comes to RuPaul, even covering the drag queen's sass-filled single 'Sissy That Walk' during their performance at G-A-Y last year, but it seems one fan was less than impressed with the Jade's choice of girl crush. "I don't [know whether] it's a boy or a girl but jade how can you support these kind of things? That's stupid", the fan commented underneath the picture, adding: "Not normal at all." Unfortunately, said fan was probably not expecting the epic clapback that Jade immediately issued in response. "If you don't 'support' these kind of 'things' (assuming you mean drag queens or the gay community) then I suggest you go and comment on somebody else's Instagram", she wrote. "Someone just as homophobic, ignorant and as warped as yourself." Then came the final knockout blow in the form of Ru's infamous cathphrase: "SASHAY. AWAY." JT2-462195 Jade, we're sure Mama Ru would be proud. More stories: Little Mix confirm track from new album is for the LGBT community Little Mix's Perrie Edwards breaks down mid-performance