Lil Nas X previews new song, reaffirms 'power bottom' status in trailer for debut album 'Montero'

The 22-year-old rapper will release his debit album, Montero, on 17 September.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: YouTube

Next Stop, Montero. Lil Nas X has released a video trailer for his debut album, which has given us a hint of one other song that will be included. He’s also declared himself to be a “power-bottom”…

The ‘Industry Baby’ rapper, 22, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, has been teasing his first album for some time. He’s already released the songs ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ and ‘Industry Baby’, which we understand are featuring on the album.

The album, Montero, is due to be released on 17 September.

"Breaking news!"

In the video, Nas is seen broadcasting the news on the fictional Montero News Network in some futuristic sci-fi world. The latest update places the events of the teaser shortly after the events of the “Industry Baby” video, which saw Nas and Jack Harlow break out of Montero State Prison.

“Breaking news! Power-bottom rapper Lil Nas X and his Caucasian friend led a prison escape this morning,” the newsreader announces, advising people to contact the authorities if they come into the contact with the rapper.

The trailer then cuts to Nas driving on an (old town) road through a barren landscape in a blue open-top car and turning the radio on. The rapper can be heard singing a previously unheard song, which we’re sure will be called ‘That’s What I want’ given one of the hashtags accompanying the trailer.

Coming across an old telephone box Nas enters some coins and dials a few numbers before the booth’s floor disintegrates and a colour changing Nas falls past an announcement of the rapper’s album name and release date as the music continues.

Writing about the trailer and album on Twitter, Lil Nas X shared what it meant to him. “Creating this album has been therapy for me. i’ve learned to let go of trying to control people’s perception of who i am, what i can do, and where i will be. i’ve realized the only opinion of me that really matters is my own.” [sic]

Unsurprisingly fans have been celebrating the news, with one person expressing what having someone like Lil Nas X being as open and authentic about his life as he is means to many others.

Also, lowkey, loving Grindr for commenting simply with the word “king”.

Lil Nas X is set to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards, where he's nominated for five awards, a week before the album is released. Could we see some new music there?

Let’s hope so!

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