LGBT activist Dexter Pottinger murdered at his home in Jamaica

Dexter Pottinger, an LGBT activist, fashion designer and reality TV judge from Jamaica, has been found dead at his home in Kingston. Pottinger was stabbed multiple times in his Washington Gardens home, with police reporting that there was blood “everywhere” at the scene of the crime. Screams of “Help!” and “Murder!” were heard by a neighbour in the early hours of Wednesday morning, but they did not immediately contact the police. His body was eventually found by officers on Thursday. The Jamaica Observer reports that a man has been taken into custody and charged with Pottinger's murder.

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Pottinger was the face of Jamaica's Pride Week in 2016, which was organised by the Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG). “I hope that my participation will show members of J-FLAG that it is okay to come out in an atmosphere where there is no violence, realise that it’s your time to be part of the change—not just for the week but permanently as a part of the community," Pottinger said at the time. “It was hard for me as a youngster, but now my mother understands me more and my dad is cool, My siblings are also cool with me and my brother works with me." Ce’Cile, a Jamaican musician, paid tribute to Dexter on Instagram, writing: “You do not deserve this my friend. If only I knew, I would have come see you and tell you how much I love you and appreciate all you’ve been to me. People judge people and have no idea the kind, caring, protective, wonderful soul you were. This wicked person will see how much friends you have, and they will be brought to justice.” More stories: