LGBT activist Bisi Alimi receives death threats after declaring intention to enter Nigerian politics

Nigerian LGBT rights activist Bisi Alimi announced that he would enter Nigeria's political arena on November 19. The London-based campaigner successfully sought asylum in the UK in 2009 after becoming the first Nigerian to come out on national television, and has gone on to become a vocal proponent of equality both in Nigeria and internationally, as well as a noted HIV activist. He would become the first openly gay man to go into Nigerian politics. "After much thinking for over 2yrs," he explained, "I have decided to throw my hat into Nigeria politics. "In what capacity? Will declare later." He continued: "It's not going to be easy and threats will be made, but Nigeria belongs to all of us." However, according to reports his plans have been met with serious backlash from conservatives within the country. has published a number of threats he has received, including threats of violence. "We are happily waiting. We shall gather our hands and beat you to stupor," one read. Another, referring to his new husband as the "First Lady," read, "pleas [sic] don’t forget to come with the first lady. So that u both can die together." Alimi is yet to respond directly to threats, but has urged his followers to speak up against threats and harassment. "You silence is not golden," he wrote. "Never shut up against the trolls and bullies." More stories: Ex-Team GB star Matt Lister shows why hairy is hot in stunning new shoot This first look at Dustin Lance Black's LGBT drama series 'When We Rise' will give you goosebumps