Layton Williams isn't 'particularly' a fan of tribes within the LGBTQ community

"One day I might be a twink, one day I might not be"


Layton Williams says he isn't 'particularly' a fan of tribes within the LGBTQ community.

The Bad Education, and soon to be on tour Everybody's Talking About Jamie, star says that although some have described him as a twink, he isn't a fan of the tribes.

 He made the comments in the latest episode of Attitude's LGBTQ Slang Challenge, which tasks LGBTQ stars and allies with defining terms commonly used in the queer community.

Asked to explain the meaning of the term 'twink' - which indicates a homosexual male, typically aged between 18-25, with attractive, boyish qualities - Williams replies: "I know what a twink is, some may say I am one.

"Quite an effeminate gay boy, usually a 'bottom, and fabulous."

When asked whether he likes the tribes in the LGBTQ community, Williams continues: "I'm not particularly a fan, you know, because, not to just quote myself, but I've been known to switch it up.

"And also, I don't like to categorise myself. I get why we do it but I like to be like, 'One day I might be a twink, one day I might not be,' you know? Switch it up with these hoes."

Williams does pretty well during the LGBTQ Slang Challenge - and provides some good, though wrong, guesses - the actor is stumped when he is asked what Tinkerbell means - the phrase given to gay/bi/queer men who enjoy watersports.

 He says: "Does it have any reference to Peter Pan? Right, so I'm not going to have a clue then."

When given a clue, Williams continues: "Oh, like when people like to be tickled in the bedroom? Foot fetish? 

"Oh, piss! Oh my God, watersports! Not for me that, but get your lives, guys, get your lives."

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Everybody’s Talking About Jamie recently celebrated its second birthday in the West End and is currently booking until 29 August 2020, a national tour also starts in 2020.