Laverne Cox unveils sickening debut single 'Beat for the Gods' - WATCH

All other pop girls have been reported missing.


Laverne Cox has made the artisitc transition we never knew we needed.

The Orange is the New Black actress, who became the first openly transgender person to be nominated for an acting Primetime Emmy Award in 2015, has turned her hand to music - and she's not doing it by halves, either.

Cox unveiled her debut single 'Beat for the Gods' on Friday (February 23), accompanied by a gay-worthy video that pays homage to Grace Jones, Marie Antoinette and drag ball culture.

"I’m not trying to be a pop star. Acting is my passion. It’s always my priority", Cox tells OUT of her surprise move into music.

"But I’m also an artist, and I loved the process of writing a song, recording it, arranging it, and then shooting a video, and producing it, coming up with the concept with the director, hiring a choreographer and dancers… it’s fun to create something in a different way."

Cox, who proved she's got pipes as Dr. Frank-N-Furterin Fox's TV remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show last year, says she hopes 'Beat for the Gods' can inspire a new generation of queer clubs kids.

"I just wanted it to be a cute song for the kids to vogue to. It really is an homage to that community, the kids who vogue, the kids who drag, the nightclub scene," she explained.

"Specifically the '90s—I’ve been calling it a '90s throw black b*tch track. It’s really about queer club culture, drag culture, all the colloquialisms that are in it."

Strap yourself in and press play on 'Beat for the Gods' below:

Beat For The Gods by Laverne Cox on VEVO.